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6 - % - Solo Show - 2013

26 September - 19 October 2013 - A2Z Art Gallery - Paris

Luke Newton is a British artist graduated from Saint Martin’s School, he lives and works today in Paris.

His work is based on everyday objects that he enjoys transforming using his diverse palette. He thus accentuates their futile side in order to transpose them in terms of monetary value. (items of material value) His critical eye on consumer society leads him to an industrial homemade process, leaving only room for symbolism, to correlate the object and its functionality.

Pencils are piling up, cigarette packs are multiplying, In the back of the shop, electronic cigarettes have replaced AK47’s to multiply the zeros. The gallery becomes an unexpected showcase for our consumption. For example, the famous red and white cigarette packets become floral. Under the skillful and intelligent hand of the artist, the package puts on its best dress, the electronic cigarette becomes a toy, and the world becomes beautiful! The usual violence no longer exists except through symbolism; he lets a childlike sweetness linger. This art can be consumed without moderation, and without danger to your health.

A2Z Art Gallery, 2013

Project Gallery

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