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7 - SALE - Solo Show - 2012

1 September - 10 October 2012 - Galerie Rabouan Moussion - Paris

Luke Newton is a young British artist and graduate of St. Martin's School; he is now 26 years old and both lives and works in Paris.

Rabouan Moussion Gallery presents his first solo exhibition with them, from September the 1st to the 6 of October 2012.

Luke Newton sees the world of art as a vast field, in which to to hit off a ping pong game with the major artistic figures of contemporary society. Duchamp and Warhol are on the same boat, but perhaps it’s sinking?

Standing permanently in a second degree, he mocks and puts into perspective his role as an artist in a society overwhelmed by imagery and marketing. The pencil sketches of pencils, a wooden mouse sculpts its own image... And through them the artist plunges himself into an abyss. Thus, he realizes an Industrial ‘Home Made’, creating by himself "factory objects "of a surgical precision. The I-Pods take the form of silex, hand molded weapons in hot pursuit against the mass media - or perhaps defending themselves against it.

For Luke Newton it is always the time for "re-creation". He amuses himself of everything and stays in perpetual rediscovery of a pictorial and graphic world around us. He poses light hearted questions of the commodification of the art object with an appeal and access to all. Cigarettes no longer kill, packets become art works, and the gallery is a hit!

You think you see a painting of geometric abstraction? But it is another ‘hommage’ to Duchamp's ‘Fountain’, albeit a “Turkish” version, and seen from above. Everything is an excuse to misappropriation, and the tool palette that Luke Newton controls is as wide as his inspiration field, that allows him a mix of genres and techniques without any boundary.

You can name it as you want: Neo-Dada, Do It Myself, Home Made Factory, Neo-pop ... But your definitions will be soon obsolete, Luke is as renewed, innovating and as fast as the industry.

SALE - “Everythingthing you never wanted… …And more”

Rabouan Moussion Gallery, 2012

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